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44 years


Spinal Cord injury at T 11

"My name is Tessa, and I'm 43 years old. Because of a car accident,  some 6 years ago, I'm  now sitting in a wheelchair,  due to a complete spinal cord injury at T11,

After the accident my right shoulder has a limitation that makes transfers more difficult. Furthermore I have developed striker feet, which can only be solved by using my own weight by standing up.

Alberto Cuoghi                             

50 years old   

ITALY, 2009                                                                                         

Multiple Sclerosis

'' I don't have words to describe my enthusiasm, joy, surprise, when yesterday in only 30 seconds I was in erect position in complete autonomy and with my hands completely free and with the opportunity to move autonomously at home, reaching all those places in the last five years I was not able to reach as I'm seated. But let's go step by step.

The standing promotes bone density and reduces the risk of fractures.

Bone density is an indicator of 'bone strength'. More bones are strong and more are resistant to fractures.

A normal bone growth is the result of a balance between proper nutrition, the right amount of load on the bones against gravity, and use of the muscles.