Spinal Cord injury at D5-D6 : Mr Bensi testimony - Italy, 2013

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Nicolò Bensi

24 years



Spinal Cord injury at D5-D6

And now, we are proud to present Mr. Nicolò, a 24 years old competitive swimmer, member of the national swimming team, and patient of the Local Health Autority.

He is in a wheelchair as a result of a motorbike accident. He has a degree in Physiotherapy

This is how he speaks about our Standing frame '' Easy up''  in a recently interview:

- ''The standing frame is a key rehabilitation companion;

- Has many, easy adjustments;

- Requires a bit of practice to be used unaided (mostly to get on and off) because the front access isn't suitable for everybody;

- Its design is visually pleasant and 'light', which is something not be disregarded;

- The support for extending the knee are not over the patella, but under the patella, which is very good;

- Many optionals for the most complete personalization;

- Very good finishes;

- Easy to move;

- Provides a very good anterior support when getting on and off, which is not the case with other standing frames''

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