Spinal Cord injury at T 11 : Mrs Tessa testimony, Holland - 2012

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44 years


Spinal Cord injury at T 11

"My name is Tessa, and I'm 43 years old. Because of a car accident,  some 6 years ago, I'm  now sitting in a wheelchair,  due to a complete spinal cord injury at T11,

After the accident my right shoulder has a limitation that makes transfers more difficult. Furthermore I have developed striker feet, which can only be solved by using my own weight by standing up.

Since the Struzzo came into my life, these struggles are resolved and my life is positively changed. My independence and my sense of self-worth are increased enormously.  No transfer is too difficult and no height is too high with the coming of the Struzzo,

I have furthermore noticed that a human being is not made for sitting all day.  By standing up regularly, I feel much better in body and mind. In my view, everybody who is in a wheelchair should have a Struzzo, because my life with the Struzzo feels like what it was before my accident: "Normal"."

Do you want see Tessa moving around with her Struzzo ?