Multiple Sclerosis : Mr Cuoghi testimony - Italy, 2009

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Alberto Cuoghi                             

50 years old   

ITALY, 2009                                                                                         

Multiple Sclerosis

'' I don't have words to describe my enthusiasm, joy, surprise, when yesterday in only 30 seconds I was in erect position in complete autonomy and with my hands completely free and with the opportunity to move autonomously at home, reaching all those places in the last five years I was not able to reach as I'm seated. But let's go step by step.

I had the need for a standing device, but the local public assistance office proposed one who was inconvenient, difficult to use, cumbersome and I wasn't able to use it in autonomy until I saw the advertisement of this aid. I said this to my physiatrist to whom I gave all documentation downloaded from internet because I wanted that he informed himself about the possibility to try it but, almost after a month the all public procedure didn't go on and I didn't know the reason, thus I took the matter in my hands and in a week I got a demonstration at home directly by the firm informing the physiatrist about the date and time and finally yesterday I could realize the genius of this aid. Only 30 seconds were enough and in autonomy I found myself standing, free to move at home, transfer is possible with motor units and joystick and thanks to strict dimensions I can access to all the house, a fantastic emotion to be able to see the world from above..

The company which produces this is CHINESPORT from Udine and the aid is called Struzzo Plus, you can see it on

But it isn't ended here because the aid can be paid by the Italian Health National System with a complete reimbursement.

So who wants to get again an erect position can contact this firm and with the maximum availability and kindness you could verify directly what I said and don't think that I'm involved in any way with this manufacturer because I'm ill exactly like you, I'm EDSS 8 and my unique interest is to inform you about a different aid more useful than that normally proposed by the local public unit. ''